Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kindle Cover

No, I am not turning this into a craft blog, but I worked super hard on this homemade kindle cover and I wanted to put it on pinterest, and the only way I can figure to do that is to put it on here.  Sorry I don't have any before or in progress pictures.  But basically I took an old hard cover book (that ended up being slightly too thin to close flat-ly), cut out the pages and binding, reinforced the spine with electrical tape, and covered the whole thing in cute brown polka-dot fabric, using a hot glue gun.  Then I glued on the ribbon and buttons just to make it cuter.  On the inside I glued on fleecy fabic to protect it from scratches, and I used thin elastic to keep it in place.  This project took me the better part of yesterday, and I had to get a little creative with something to keep it closed when not in use.  On the back I glue two buttons stacked together, and on the front Jason punched a hole with a nail, through which he put another piece of blue ribbon that I wrap around the button in back and tie.  It's not perfect, but it works!



In case you are wondering, on my kindle I am currently reading The Hands of My Father, The Works of Charles Finney, and a scrapbooking book.

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